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JBY will support your public relations matter such as illustration production, various printed matter production, and homepage making, etc. in accordance with your concepts totally.

Additionally, the commercialization of printed matter such as the letter paper, the postcard, the seal, and the sticker will be received.

We can help your projects as to various printed matter from start to end. Please feel free to inquire.


JBY staffs have their own atelier as to each goods and service
and are making their original homepages

Name Card
Post Card
・Design card
・Massage card
・Design post card
・New Year card, etc.
・Design map
Business usage map

・ illustration
・ original,

・Display & sale
Web Design
Sticker & seal
・Design, renewal etc.
・Mail Magazine
・writing brush letters
・Woodwork etc.
・JBY original goods
・Present packs
9月10日 Internet Gallery Hisashi Saito UP (Water Paint 10)

Social Welfere Regal Person

A welfare facility for senior citizens having care department, day service, and carehouse.
Medical regal person :

Making great effort to take steps against adult diseases such as no smoking promotion.

Asano Insurance Co.Ltd. Experts on insurance serve for you suitable insurance.
Yokohama Furusawa Industry Co,Ltd. Plant maintenance and office supplies
Saitou Dental Hospital The director from Tokyo Dental College and his son manage the hospital.
JBY recommend their skill.
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Koun Craft House T&T ・・・ Their works such as book stands and engraved marks have woody atmosphere
and will be very suitable for presents
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